Why use Lenghthair?

OMG this really works for slicked hairstyles, super defined curls with natural bouncy movement and sheen.  You wouldn't believe how well this creates the best hairstyles.   Just a little goes a long way.  This is great value for money because no need to add more the following day just dampen hair with warm water, (not wet hair),  add a leave in conditioner and restyled, rework, voila you have hair as good as the first day you styled your hair.  Glow and do your thing. Enjoy using effortless styling products to free up more time.  Lengthhair mission is to create more balance in what products we use on a day to day basis.  The Lengthhair Curl definer and edge control is 100% natural, no artificial preservatives or additives.  If you use detergent you can feel the effects of this on your hands sometimes.  IWhen you use products it's good to balance them with more natural products like Lengthhair Curl definer and edge control.   This creates better wellbeing and better for your health in the long term.  Happy shopping.   Lengthhair 

100% natural, no artificial preservatives or additives.   Just the ingredients on the bottle only.



Olayinka Olatomiwa


Hi my name is Olayinka Olatomiwa Akinyemi and I created Lengthhair Curl definer and edge control after using a similar principle used to create another product that I created.  This is for a more natural and healthier way to style hair and to balance these products with chemical based products.   This helps to maintain a balanced and much more healthier lifestyle.   Hope you enjoy these products and support creating better experiences for all types of people.